Product Information

ANIMALOOK is a veterinarian endoscope for dogs’ and cats’ ears.

A computer, iPad, or iPhone can photograph or video record inside pets’ ears which can be shared with the owner.

Waterproof specula can be used even in wet conditions inside ears.
Anti- fogging structure helps perform exams with ease.
AL-1&AL-2 Movie

Replaceable tube

The front tube piece is changeable to the specula-style or the tube-style.

All parts(Specula,Tube,Tubebase) are removable and alcohol-resistant for sterilizations.


Sample video of a French bulldog's ear using ANIMALOOK AL-2.

Sample video of a German shepherd's ear using ANIMALOOK AL-1(without anesthesia)

Sample video of a toy poodle's ear using ANIMALOOK AL-1(without anesthesia)
this video shows the condition inside the ear before and tumor removal.

AL-1 and AL-2 Comparison

AL-2 images are clearer because of stronger light and improved focus length range.

Note improvement of clarity of AL-2.

There are pinctures of hole drilled into a block of wood. Note AL-2 improved focus.

AL-2 light is 1.5x stronger than AL-1 at maximum setting.


  • Length: 205mm
  • Width : 25mm
  • Length of cable: 200cm
  • Weight: 100g
Diameter of tip
  • Camera: 3.3mm
  • Specula: 5.0mm
  • Tube: 4.1mm
Brightness AL-2 is 1.5x stronger than AL-1 at the max setting.
Focus length 7~30mm 5~35mm
Angle of field 60度 70度
Definition 200 lp/mm 250 lp/mm
JANCode 4562138711099 4562138711143
Imaging device 1/4 inch color CMOS Able to record photos and videos
Imaging fiber 13,000pixel
  • Windows10、Windows8、8.1、Windows7
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 2GB RAM or more
  • USB2.0
  • ※If you use Mac, you can look the image by using Quicktime, but the center position function is unavailable.
Set items CD-ROM, Specula, 10 of Tubes, Tube base, Operation manual
Software Download
May takes time for downloading due to file size.