EarScope 13000

EarScope 13000

EarScope 13000 pixels with earpick endoscope.

Looking inside of ear through fiber scope with 15.mm diameter and high resolution 13000 pixcels, magunify image by 5x for ear clean.

Upper model of 13000 pixels.
Implemented brightness control function not only improving resolution and you can control brightness by yourself.
Provide smoother and clearer images.

R:low price

Turn ON switch to lighting and control brightness with knob (Brightness control function).

fiber cable

EarScope use movie


JAN code 4562138711044 (Ivory)
Spec  only(13000HG)
  • Non-returnable beacuse of sanitary product.
  • Handle with care beacuse of using sensietive optical parts.
  • May contaion about 1% pixel failure even using advanced technology for imaging fiber .
  • Home use only. Not availabe for business or medical use
  • Don not use EarScope if you have any ear problem.
  • Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.
  • Color of product may differ from pictures in display.