EarScope Accessories

EarScope Accessories

Sticky Earpick TP-20

Replacable with EarScope acrylic earpick.
Sticky earpick

Sticky at the top of earpick and able to remove dry erawax easily and safely.
TP-20 contain 20 pieces.

Compatible All model
JAN code 4562138710320

Earpick set for EarScope windows

Earpick set EarScope windows only.

・S size (black) 3 pieses

Compatible EarScope windows only
JAN code 4562138710887

3 type of Earpick for EarScope windows

3 type of earpick for EarScope windows only.

・S size (black) 1 piece
・XS size(back) 1 piece
・disk type(black) 1 piece

Compatible EarScope windows only
JAN code 4562138711020

Earpick set CO-5

Acrylic earpick set for EarScope
S size is the same which come with EarScope
L size is larger than S size
Light guide can be used to check after cleaning for getting clearer image than earpick
・S size 2 pieces
・L size 2 pieces
・Light guide 1 piece

Compatible All modes
JAN code 4562138710054


  • Non-returnable beacuse of sanitary product.
  • Handle with care beacuse of using sensietive optical parts.
  • May contaion about 1% pixel failure even using advanced technology for imaging fiber .
  • Home use only. Not availabe for business or medical use
  • Don not use EarScope if you have any ear problem.
  • Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.
  • Color of product may differ from pictures in display.