Product Information

Industrial Handy Scope is applying for the needs of seeing.

All round usage for seeing dark, narrow, small for business purpose and modeling, habits ovservation of small animals for pleasure purpose.

Feature 1 13000 pixels optical fiber

Equipped high density optical fiber for seeing detail of objects.

Feature 2 LED lighting

Equipped light at the tip of cable and lighting dark place.
Light intensitiy is adjustable for best setting.

Feature 3 Water proof structure

Water proof at cable and tip can apply many circumstance usage.

Feature 4 3mm cable diameter

Can insert into small hole with only 3mm cable diameter.

Feature 5 Wide line-up for multiple focal length

Feature 6 Extendable usage with accessaries

Camera adaptor
Required for taking picture of images
Please use size converter from market if camera ring diameter is not 37mm

DCR-37 4000 yen (without Tax)

Dedicated alminum case for strage and carry
 (Standard option)


Tip Shape
Tip Diameter 3.0mm
Tip Diameter Not available
Cable Lenght 80cm
Cable Cover Polylefin resin
Cable Water proof Available
Cable Diameter 3mm
Lens Focal lenght Short(71)・・・8mm~15mm
Fiber Pixel 13000 pixels(plastic fiber)
Others Power 9V volt buttery (attached)
Others Light source LED(Adjustable intensity)
Others Magunitude 4x
Others Working tempareture -5℃~60℃(but NO freezing)
Others Camera adapter Available (DCR-37 option)
Others Color Black
Others Dedicated case Alminum case
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  • Color of product may differ from pictures in display.
  • This product is build-to-order. Please ask for lead time.