Remote controlled boat

Remote controlled boat

Product Introduction

RC-S3 Movie

Product Information

Usecase of remote controlled boat at shoal survey.


  • Measure bottom shape changes of river with regular operation
  • Understand circumstances inside and around river
  • Survey environmental monitoring for river channel construction

Dam (lakes and marshes)

  • Understand sediment amount of lakes and marshes by measuring sedimental changes
  • Understand and control water quality or ecology of lakes and marshes
  • Understand vegetation at the edge of lakes and marshes (camera observation)
  • Understand habitation of animals and plants at lakes and marshes bottom (camera observation etc,)
  • Survey current conditions of waterway for farming(rough terrain measurement)


  • Undestand sand supply conditions from coastal erosion or river
  • Understand coast area circumstances (water condition, habitation)
  • Understand torographic changes or water condition in harbor
  • Survey environmental monitoring for shore protection or beach nourishment construction
  • Understand current conditions inside or surface of wafer at harbor structure


RC-S2 boat measurements rapid river at off limits area near Niagara Falls in USA.

RC-S2 boat use for measuring quantity of depositted impurities in a dam that is made when copper refined. ( in Chile)

CPE in Brazil use RC-S2 boat measure for small dams and keep safety for managing dam of iron mine.

The University of Zambia use RC-S2 boat to study water quantity for 400 small dams at Lusaka area

Coden hydrographic survey remote controlled boat is using for various management systems of water.

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RC-S2 Brochure>

RC-S3 Brochure

Remote Controlled Boat : Spec Sheet

Boat RC-S2 RC-S3
Lenght 1,060mm 1,200mm
Width 270mm 350mm
Height 250mm(excluding antenna) 250mm(excluding antenna)
Weight 9.3Kg(13Kg with batteries) 13Kg13Kg(16Kg with batteries)
Power Train
Motor Brushed DC motor x 2 Brushless DC motor x 2
Max speed 2.8kt. 4.5kt.
Power supply Ni-MH battery 10Ah×2 Li-ion battery 20Ah×2
連続航行時間 120分(静水、自律航行時) 210分(静水、自律航行時)
Auto Pilot
Boat speed 2.0kt. 2.0kt.
Line survey Max 128 lines per project Max 128 lines per project
(Advanced control)
Target survey Max 255 points per project Max 255 points per project
Echo Sounder 200KHz 200KHz
Depth range 0.5m~80m 0.5m~80m
Resolution 0.01m 0.01m
Gain control Manual(H、L 20 leves) Manual (H、L 20 levels)
Beam width 6°(3°per side)
24°(12°per side)
6°(3°per side)
Positioning accuracy SBAS(<0.5m) SBAS(<0.5m)
Positioning resolution 1/10000 sec(about 0.03m) 1/10000 sec(about 0.03m)
Method 2.4GHz wireless LAN 2.4GHz wireless LAN
Operation range 500m 800m
Data sampling 1 time/1 sec 1 time/1 sec