President Messaege

President Messaege

Inspiration is a Mother of Creation.
Challenge to the possibility with clear objectives, understanding the facts and confidence.

Who is CODEN?

The light brought the happiness to human. The source of the light have changed from oil of animal or vegitable , candle, cerosene lantarn, ark/white/fluorescent lamp and high efficiency lamp.

 In 1831, Michael Faraday succeeded in inducing electromotive force by changinglines of magnetic force of coil.
Thomas Edison found bamboo in Kyoto was suitable for filament and succeeded experiment of carbon filament lamp then started in production. William Shockley invented transister. This invention introduced the high functionality of IT/industrial/medical equipments and supported the huge development of each area. Now transister is dramatically integreted in IC and LSI showing unlimited possibility

 Recent scientific improvements are incredible and we no longer stand without those technology. The knowledge of one human is something like one drop of technology and very few. But collecting each knowledge and making big river of wisdom will bring a tremendous work.

 CODEN are going to contribute the affluent society with innovation.